Mohamed Taaeb

Mohamed Taaeb

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First Name * Mohamed
Last Name * Taaeb
Username * taaeb
Country * Egypt
City Cairo
Nationality Egyption
Languages ArabicEnglish


Current Position Assistant Professor
Current Company Graphic Department at Faculty of fine arts


Availability: Freelance


Mohamed Taa’eb is an Egyptian artist born in Cairo. His father, Abdel-Aziz Taa’eb, is a caricaturist.
Mohammed Taa’eb started his academic studies in Graphic Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University in Cairo.
He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 1993. He assigned as a lecturer then an Assistant Lecturer then a Demonstrator. His researches dealt with Science Fiction & fantasy art especially in his Master’s degree (2000) and his PhD (2007). In addition, he worked as a freelance in many of famous magazines, publishing houses and advertising agents.

My practical application started through my pre-graduate projects in graphic department such as masks designs, toys designs and posters. In 1993, my graduate year, science fiction dominated all my works even my graduate project dealt with science fiction. After graduation, I joined “Bassem" Saudi Children Magazine. After watching my science fiction drawings, editor employed me. He realized my great desire to draw science fiction stories that his magazine then lacked, till that time, I used traditional techniques; drawing outlines on paper with pencil and using watercolors and airbrush for coloring.
In 1994, I decided to change into digital art, I had no guide. I simply stared using Aldus Photo Styler 2 in coloring comics then Adobe Photoshop 2.5 till I discovered the great potentials of Fractal Design Painter 3. Finally, I used a graphics tablet instead of paper that I completely deserted. Now, I depend completely on digital technique using a graphics tablet, and Corel painter X, Where I drawing with pencil tool on a layer then I put colors and shaded on other layer or layers above each other, Sometimes after finishing the whole process I remove part of or all pencil layer.
Mohammed Taa’eb - Cairo 2007
محمد تاعب


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